8 Japanese Actors you Can’t Understand — 7 Comments

  1. Hah, thanks for posting this. My Japanese learning mood tends to swing wildly from:
    “Yes. I am the LORD of language. None shall withstand my penetrating comprehension” (while reading Baccano), to:
    “The heck. Did my brain just flush out 8 months of material?” (while watching Trick).

    Hiroshi Abe is one of the worst offenders for doing this to me ^^ good to know I’m not (well, not JUST) being dim.

  2. I see three from this list are from Kansai. I wonder if that adds to their incomprehensible-ness. I don’t get to talk to many non-Kansai people in daily life so I’ve become more used to it than I realized but I seem to remember a time when Kansai speakers made no sense. Maybe it’s just that no one made any sense at that time in my language learning life.

    • Kansai might add some difficulty to the unfamiliar language itself, but even people who are used to Kansai dialect seem to have trouble with these guys.

    • Of course there are also difficult to understand women. Probably a lot less than men, but they are definitely out there. This post is just covering actors though.

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