Japan’s Train Obsession Gone Too Far — 18 Comments

  1. From the title I thought this article was going to go in a whole other direction. Made me laugh though.

  2. Oh my gosh… I don’t really understand what this article is doing on this website at all, but damn it if that wasn’t the most hilarious thing I’ve read in a while…


    • ありがとうございます!

      I’ve decided I want to start adding more Japan-related and Japanese culture articles to Jalup. I think that this still goes with the theme of the site.

      • It does fit somewhat, but it is the first of it’s kind, right?

        Though to be fair, this felt less about Japanese culture than about the fact that Japanese news reporters can be just as bad as western ones. :p
        (in fact, I could see almost all of this happening in my country, almost literally, except for ONE detail: the censorship)

        • I honestly can’t see this happening in any other country. It’s so… Japan, to take an innocuous activity and find some obscure rule being broken to shame people out of doing it.

        • Yes, it is the first of its kind. Though the Japanese written posts also covered culture.

          Silly Japanese news reporters are a very important part of Japanese culture!

  3. This doesn’t seem to be news. In fact it looks like any gathering if train buffs anywhere in the world. The horror, a group if people standing along side the road. (It doesn’t look big enough like a highway to me)

    BTW: most Japanese photography and video blurs out people’s faces. They do the same thing as Google maps does. That doesn’t make anyone a criminal.

  4. 車道を占領って言うから通れないのかと思ったら端の方で取ってるだけじゃん


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