Having Internal Conversations with Yourself — 16 Comments

  1. Really? Are those the typical inner dialogues? How about: Reactional, “Wow, she’s cute.” Reasoning/decision making, “I wonder if she’ll talk to me.” Worrying (you left this out): “Will I be alone forever?”

  2. Oh, but negative inner dialogues are so juicy, and funny, and what most of us think about. But you’ve cheered me up! I like your changes.

  3. I have been trying to change my inner monologue recently, and while I don’t completely think in Japanese yet, I have started to notice the change.

    I sometimes think in Japanese at places like work, but I mainly notice it when I listen to my iPod when I’m walking around and things like that.
    It’s probably because I’m already listening to Japanese so it’s easier to try and think in Japanese than to mix English in my head with the Japanese in my ears.

    Also if what I am listening to isn’t Japanese, I find myself trying to translate English songs into Japanese as I listen to them, which is quite a fun task.

    • It definitely takes time, and you are right, if there is already Japanese in the background, it makes it easier at first.

      And it’s great that you are mixing Japanese even into your English time.

  4. I have had some of the basic phrases as internal monologue. Sometimes I blurt them out loud and surprise myself because I didn’t have to think about it. It’s such an exciting feeling. A lot of the phrases you posted will help my monologue improve. Thank you!

  5. I notice my inner monologue tends to immediately go Japanese only when a Japanese person situation comes to mind. When I spend a whole day speaking no English whatsoever English doesn’t run through my head at all, but all it takes is one person coming up and saying “What’s up” to start breaking that pattern.

    Getting into the habit is easier when you avoid your native language and immerse yourself as much as possible. Otherwise it takes constant effort.

  6. I agree with what you said about the result. As a native speaker of Arabic, when I learned English though English dominates my monologue, my Arabic monologue still makes a comeback, especially when I’m in my primal moods (anger, sorrow, happiness, and excitement).

  7. This is a great technique that really works. Last night i had a dream in japanese and woke up thinking japanese

  8. This was a great read and the warning is kinda of funny, as I find that to be true somewhat.

    I grew up with 3 languages and I’ve found myself (especially after I entered the working world) having alternating periods where my inner monologue will be dominated by 1 language, then another language.

    That said, it all happened unconsciously, so these are some great tips for me to consciously implement Japanese in my inner monologue!

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