Classic Japanese Fairy Tales Read In Ultra Slang — 5 Comments

  1. うぇ~い!うぇ~い!あざましー!じいとばあは面白くて、ウケる。テンアゲ(TBS)。^w^;

    [note: the translations were helpful (for example, from initial listening, I thought kbn was 鞄, not 小判, which makes more sense)…but goodness, I hit tons of dead-ends trying to puzzle/research my way through some of that slang. haha It’s always fun to try, though.]

    はい、しまい、しまい。いってら~ XD

    PS My favorite comedic 吹き替え is the Harry Potter one (fast forwarded to my favorite scene) here:

    • It’s like another language sometimes. Fun though to see the way they abbreviate and change everything.

      And great link!

  2. You know you need more listening practice when you’re not even able to tell that that’s any different from any other Japanese you hear :D

    Except for the fact that it seem slower than the anime and dubbed movie clips I have listened to on my immersion playlist.

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