Not Understanding vs. Not Hearing — 4 Comments

  1. I’m like Level 3 so I won’t be in such a situation for a while. Still a pretty important aspect though, will keep that in mind.

  2. happens to me a lot in media too. such as in the gantz movie when after the 2 girls look at the 目撃情報求む thingy, and their friend comes back and goes like 御免~トイレ紙なくてさあ(atleast that’s what i hear)

    I couldn’t stand not understanding, so i took a peek at the english subs for 1 second and saw the translation, and then all of a sudden I heard what they were saying and understood it in japanese, strange I think.

  3. I live in Mexico and speak very little Spanish, but I have on several occasions been glad of the Spanish subtitles they put on American movies to help me understand what the English-speaking actors are saying (and yes, English is my native language, insofar as I have one).

    Currently my Japanese is at the level where I keep getting killed by Ratatas, but this is good advice for the future.

  4. Agh, this has happened to me so many times in Japan. Usually it’s the old people, who talk really fast and mumble. Especially those darn old men who use all that rough, informal language, mumble, and then are so quick to dismiss the lil foreign girl when she says “What?” People pretty much always explain it in English, and then I miss a practice opportunity. Oh well…

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