Go Faster and Make Mistakes — 6 Comments

  1. This is good advice that I didn’t consciously think of before. I do think it’s a scary game playing with mistakes and the like though. Messing up your foundational can breed bad habits and etc. But it’s better than going slow all the time and losing interest or burning out.
    Full speed ahead! Thanks for the post.

  2. I didn’t fully realize it until I read this post, but something you said pinpointed a seemingly nebulous source of anxiety that has haunted my studies over the years, slowing me down and tiring me out: “There are no long term consequences for moving faster through difficult concepts, regardless if other concepts build off of them.” This was a total “aha moment” for me. I have been worrying about long term consequences that don’t exist, without even being conscious that I was doing it. Great article!

    • Everyone (including my former self) has the same anxiety over mistakes. But once that anxiety is overcome, doors open wide.

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