How I’m Studying Japanese Right Now — 8 Comments

  1. This was really great! I try to listen to NHK news on the way to work but don’t re-listen and don’t shadow. Which I realize now would be really useful techniques! Thank you also for the great list of resources to listen to!

    • Definitely give re-listening/shadowing a try. You’d be surprised on how much of a difference they can make, regardless of your level.

      • I have a quick question about this. When you started shadowing how long were, and what kind of things were you listening to? I’ve picked up a podcast but the episodes range from 20 minutes to 1 hour! I find I struggle keeping up after 5 minutes, especially when I’m walking. (I have listened to them a number of times though)

        Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

        • Some of the podcasts I listed in that article are between 7-20 minutes, which are much more reasonable in length. Others are longer (30-60 minutes). And then audiobooks go on for hours.

          In the beginning I went on for as long as I could, but never forced myself to finish a podcast in one sitting (walking?) I would just continue it next time if I didn’t get through it.

          And I started off the walking sessions at about 30 minutes in the beginning, and the time eventually grew.

  2. Hello Adam.

    While reading the Tofugu article you mentioned that some of your flashcards are getting pushed back decades. Do you ever think about suspending cards that pass a certain limit, say one year or 10 successful reviews or something?

    • Nah, because it’s quicker to review a card and never see it again then to think whether you should suspend it, and then actually suspend it. It also brings so much satisfaction reviewing these old cards.

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