Always Sticking with Japanese no Matter What — 9 Comments

  1. Thanks for the article! It really shows just sticking with it is the most important part.

    I’m finishing up my BA soon, and have been considering an MA in a field like translation. Have you found it beneficial while pursuing your Japanese related jobs?

  2. This really encouraged me. I’m studying very slowly but I’m getting better and better. Hearing how you started slowly then accomplished so much, especially with dyslexia, gave me hope! Thanks!

  3. What an awesome journey, thanks for sharing, and best of luck in your studies going forward. I really am happy you shared this because I am confident that quite a few people quit learning a 2nd language when they realize how long it will take, or their pace makes it hard for them to see the “finish line”. It’s good to have a reminder that taking a slower road is just as badass and impressive as those taking “faster” routes.

    Also thanks for linking to your website, I really like the format! Definitely will keep coming back to it :)

    • Thanks Victoria! Many people want to know everything within a few years (and I’ve certainly thought so in the past). But that’s often now how things actually go. But you can’t let reality beat you down. Learning a language certainly is a steady but rewarding process.

      That actually makes me feel a lot better that you said it was ‘badass’ ^^;; There are times when I’m frustrated at myself. “Why didn’t I do ___? I should know this by now. I should have worked harder. I’m sh**.” etc. Ahhh those little voices inside us… So yeah, it helps a lot to hear you say that.

  4. Thank you for the post. I just bookmarked JTalk Online I for sure will be driving deep into this website.

  5. Hi Niffer,

    Thanks for the inspiring post, came across it on the random page link from blog, and this bit resonated with me
    “Play games”

    I have just completed JALUP Intermediate, and having a break before tackling advanced. I remember playing FFXIII when it came out on XBOX360, English only. Today for 10.99 I can play it entirely in Japanese (without subtitles obviously Adam ; )

    It’s given me such a boost of how far I’ve come that I can understand even 10% of the cutscenes.

    I started learning Japanese so I can understand/enjoy anime and games in native language, so playing them after each milestone (e.g. in JALUP) is a great reward and really helps me see how far I’ve come!

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