The Really Good Japanese Electronic Music Guide — 18 Comments

  1. Awesome Eric, thank you so much! I’m going to go through all of these. Also my name is Eric too. Hi.

    YMCK is really good. I love their album “Family Music”. I’ve also listened to Perfume pretty extensively.

    I’m a huge fan of j-core. DJ Sharpnel is one of my favorites, he’s being doing gabber, hardcore and anime remix type stuff for a long time now. I got into j-core mainly through him, and now I have a pretty big collection of it. Here’s some of his songs:

    • Ooh, I used to listen to a lot of J-core. Not a whole lot any more, but I still love it. My favorites are REDALiCE and Ryu☆. I haven’t listened to DJ Shrapnel before, but the songs you posted were great. :) Glad to hear you liked the post!

      • I’m looking for an old mix I believe to be Japanese from the early ninties it was a girls voice it breaked or sound bite something like “iiki … blaa!” Shoot I was throwing raves in 1994.. any luck let me know

    • Polysics is seriously some of the weirdest stuff man. But they’re cool.

      Can’t believe this guy forgot to mention Yellow Magic Orchestra though. They’re like Japans Kraftwerk, influential and awesome.

      • Oh, yeah, Yellow Magic Orchestra is another great one. To be honest, I haven’t listened to too much of their work, but I like what I’ve heard. I also really like 坂本龍一’s solo work.

    • Polysics are pretty great. I was contemplating including them (either them or the telephones!) but they’d probably fit better in the Rock category. Oh, well. :) I still highly recommend them, of course!

    • On my. Polysics are out of this world. I saw them perform about 2010, really ace. The festival vibe changed from relaxed curious to wild! I love the videos too.

  2. I am SO glad to see Clean Tears on here! Easily my favorite Vocaloid producer. He seems so under-appreciated. Tears of Palm seemed to be fairly popular for awhile, but then equally amazing songs like S.E.K.N. seemed to go under the radar, from what I could tell. I was actually working on a Project Diva f edit of S.E.K.N. but lost steam along the way, lol.

    • Thanks! Yeah, he’s probably my favorite Vocaloid producer as well. I agree, he does need some more exposure. His latest album was fantastic. But, of course, as you probably know, the most popular artists are rarely the best. :)

  3. You forgot Cornelius, Susumu Yokota, Nujabes (RIP), Bennetrhodes, The Astronotes, salyu × salyu, Towa Tei etc….

  4. Hey Guys I found really nice Sets & Artists here.

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  5. Capsule is my favorite, I would like to find more artists like them, besides Perfume. Can anyone help me out? Thanks for all the other cool music ideas!

    • Yasutaka Nakata (guy behind Perfume and Capsule) also produces for Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and MEG, both are pretty similar, though more so to Perfume than Capsule. Definitely check those out. Other recommendations I have are Saori@destiny, Immi, and maybe m-flo . . . there aren’t a whole lot of groups like Capsule but hopefully that helps a bit.

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