Japanese Recommendation Exchange – January 2016 — 17 Comments

  1. アニメ (Anime)
    ** うさぎドロップ (Bunny Drop)
    ** あずまんが大王 (Azumanga Daioh)
    *** アニメンタリー 決断 (Animentary: Decisions)

    オーディオドラマ (Audio Dramas)
    * テロメアの椅子 (The Telomere Seat)
    ** 曖昧色彩模様 (An Ambiguous Color Pattern)
    ** シロネコテイル (Shironecotail)
    ** レイニーガール (Rainy Girl)
    ** ブレイクザ・プリズン ~ロリからの脱出~ (Break the Prison ~The Escape from the Lolis~)

    ドキュメンタリー (Documentaries)
    *** その時歴史が動いた (Moments that Changed History)
    **** みんなで学ぼう!日本の軍閥 (Let’s Study Japanese Military Clique Leaders)

    論文 (Essays)
    **** マハン海上権力論集 (Mahan’s Essays on Sea Power)

    映画 (Movie)
    *** 怪盗グルーの月泥棒 (Despicable Me)

    ノンフィクション (Nonfiction)
    *** 地図で読む「国際関係」入門 (An Introduction to International Relations)

    Will the guide be updated?

    • Do you mean the everything guide? I still think most people just check the monthly threads, so I haven’t updated that in a while.

      • I checked the guide a couple of times.. If you think it’s not worth your while to update the guide, I think you should state that in the top of the article and recommend looking in the monthly recommendation exchange posts instead… Just so new-comers don’t expect that it is an updated everything guide :)

        • Good point. Okay, you both have convinced me. I will add this to the Jalup task list and start going through the old posts. I’ll leave a comment here when it’s fully updated.

          Hopefully other people still add to these monthly recommendation threads!

          • I’d just like to second that I check the everything guide every few weeks. It’s really nice to have things in one place. =]

            • It’s on its way. It will be updated a bit with a new setup as well to make it easier to navigate with, and I will make sure to keep it up to date with all new entries (including Jalup posts and this thread).

  2. It’s not quite media, but I found a cool kanji website earlier today that tests your abilities to read less common to rare jukugo, animal and plant kanji, kanji used in names, and other things.

    I’d probably rate it three or four stars.

  3. Music (All of the below songs are extremely catchy without being annoying…except maybe なんでやねん)
    I’ve been listening to lost of music, and I have some recommendations! 是非聞いてください.
    なんでやねん (mean WTF, WTH) . Warning: It’s NSFW…in a way that if someone catches you watching this, you’d have a hell lotta explaining to do. 1 Star
    Number One by Nishino 2 Stars
    Torisetsu by Nishino Kana 2 Stars
    Honestly, I like their cover by Lefty Hand Cream more than the original songs. Here are the cover songs:
    なんでやねん 1 Star. Fortunately, unlike official version, there is nothing weird going on.
    Number One 2 Stars
    Torisetsu <—- My favorite. 2 Stars

    Boku dake ga inai Machi – 3 Stars
    Gekkan Shoujo – 1-2 Stars

    • Ooh, Torisetsu is very nice! Thanks for that recommendation!

      なんでやねん Lives up to its name…

  4. Music- liberal doses of Animenfo Radio and lots of my favourite band: イグ!Or Exist Trace as they’re actually called. ;)

    Anime- 美少女戦士サーラームーン (Sailor Moon), a classic that I haven’t fully seen yet, because the horror that is the Dutch dub initially put me off. ^^;
    Cardfight! Vanguard because I’m nothing if not a sucker for a TCG. xD

    Speaking of Trading Card Games, though I’m playing it in English (I know, I know) I strongly advice everyone who likes playing card games to check out Weiss Schwarz. Been playing it with friends these past few weeks and it is a totally awesome card game. And my fleet girls are the best. <3 (I got the KanColle deck.)

    Disclaimer: Casandra is not liable for any lose of money or time due to the addictive nature of Weiss Schwarz. :P

  5. Movie: さよなら歌舞伎町: This is a pretty crazy movie that focuses on characters as they move in and out of a love hotel. It’s worth the time just to pick up a lot of cultural insights that don’t get a lot of attention in mainstream media. (Available on Netflix Japan)

    • Definitely didn’t expect a movie of this genre to star the former AKB48 leader! The trailer looks interesting.

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