Made Learning Japanese Your New Year’s Resolution? — 5 Comments

  1. I actually DID make my new year’s resolution to learn JApanese … I’m writing a blog on my progress, (I link to my little website up here)h

  2. I never kept my resolutions. I think the reason people do new years resolutions is because it is a new, fresh start, a new year, so they think about changing their life then, when they might as well just start it today.

    I made a life changing decision to make my life Japanese in the middle of november, so anybody can make huge decisions anytime.

  3. I really like your writing style. You make me laugh out loud at times. Also, the content of this post is so true!

    I’m learning Japanese, but I feel like I’ve hit a sort of wall. Actually, I feel like I saw the wall, ran toward it, tried to jump, and then smashed into it. Now I’m sliding down the wall, and it seems my ability is falling with me. SO I’ve added this website to my reader as a means to get up, brush myself off, and start actually scaling the damn wall. Thanks for your posts! :)

    • Glad this site is helping you push through those painful walls. Just keep plowing through. Can’t get to the end without facing a few seemingly impossible boss battles.

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