Let’s Talk about Tofugu – A Review — 2 Comments

  1. Tofugu was for me the first blog about learning Japanese that I remember going to repeatedly. It was there I learned kana and began to use WaniKani (albeit an extremely slow pace). They made it seem like Japanese wouldn’t be impossible to learn which is probably why I actually didn’t quit after meeting the first challenges. Overall I think its a solid blog and company but maybe a little too idealistic when it comes to their time frames of getting things done.

  2. Like Adam, when I came across Tofugu I was already at a level too advanced to try out their products. Now, I don’t visit Tofugu very frequently because it is all in English.

    However, I appreciate the fact that their articles that cover a topic about the Japanese language or culture go into enough depth that there is usually something I can glean from them even if I already know the basics. Also, I have particularly enjoyed their “What I Use to Study Japanese” series and their translator interviews.

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