Put On Those Kanji Shoes

In your effort to make kanji as big a part of your life as possible, you try to put those little characters everywhere. Your desk, your walls, your refrigerator, your bathroom. Well there is one place you probably haven’t thought of:

Your feet.

kanji shoes

What better way to show your love for kanji, and study at the same time, then with kanji shoes. You can now stare at your feet all day and consider yourself productive.

kanji shoes 2

Just think of the possibilities:

1. You can look down and study kanji when you go jogging or running.
2. When you forget how to write kanji, you just look down.
3. If you feel you need more kanji, just take out a marker and write in more.
4. When people ask you if you are studying Japanese, just point to your shoes.
5. And 一万 more!

Gear up?

kanji shoes 3

What do you think? Essential kanji tool for any serious learner? How else would you use these shoes?

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Put On Those Kanji Shoes — 2 Comments

  1. I can see everyone that notices the shoes start going “What’s this one mean?… This one? This one? This one????”

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