The Skillful Hands Championship

The Skillful Hands Championship 2Look at your hands. Good. Now ask yourself: do you have skillful hands? Hard to know right? How would one measure skillful hands? What embodies skillful hands? What are “skillful hands?”

These are questions which couldn’t go unanswered. As Japan has many proud skillful hand members of society, something needed to be done. A few decades ago, a tournament was decided. A tournament to end all tournaments.

A tournament that would involve skillful hands.

After spending years of arrangement, the competitors gathered for what would go down in Japanese legend.

手先が器用選手権 – The Skillful Hands Championship

But what could possibly define skillful hands as a whole? Think deep. Deeper. Stop. Now type in random letters into Google images (which didn’t exist then, but I’m sure they did some kind of early 1990s version of that). And now we have a tournament.

And so the skillful hands competition would be decided as it was destined to be:

Stacking miniature dice into pyramids with tweezers for 30+ hours straight.

And while I know you want to see all 30 hours of this footage, here is a 9 minute clip of the action highlights.

Is that all? Of course not. Stacking small things into big piles can carry on forever.

For example, apples?

Skillful? Hands? Yes, why thank you.

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The Skillful Hands Championship — 6 Comments

  1. Watching these “sports” looks like a great cure for insomnia. Then again, maybe that’s how those people got into the sport in the first place.

    • I don’t know; they’re oddly intense. I think we can all relate to not wanting to have our efforts suddenly come crashing down…

      • It definitely takes a lot of discipline to focus on one thing so intensely, regardless of what it may be. And that crashing feeling for them must be quite frustrating.

  2. Pretty awesome stuff! If anyone wants to watch the whole championship you should start with the apple video and not the dice.. 0_O

    • I agree. All 11 parts need to be watched. Multiple times!


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