So You Want To Become A Cat?

As I slowly grow the number of necessary (必須)cat pictures that appear on this site, there is something important you should know. There is a large population of Japan (probably the rest of the world as well) that wishes they were a cat. But Japan has finally found a way to make people at least think you are a cat.

I mean look at this woman. She fooled me for a few seconds.

The Quest To Become A Cat

Or what about this guy? He pulls it off perfectly.

The Quest To Become A Cat 2

It almost looks like he’s trying for a cat and a horse at the same time. But he is believable (騙されただろう?).

Still not convincing enough.

The problem with dressing as a cat, is that upon some deep staring (じっと見てもいいよ), your disguise will eventually be discovered (ばれる!), and people will know that you are not a cat. But what if there was a product to avoid this issue entirely. And to genuinely confuse people.

Japan? Answer please (お願いします!)

The Quest To Become A Cat 4

足跡 (Ashiato Sandals)

Because nothing says cat more than giant cat footprints left on the beach. You’ll either have people convinced or have them running to the police yelling about a possible lion (百獣の王?!)roaming their beach.

Need more info? Obviously. Check out this blog that has a nice Japanese review of the product.

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