4 Inspiring Novel Stories That Will Help You Find Happiness — 4 Comments

  1. So if I buy this book it’s like 4 books in one? Sounds good to me.

    I really want to read this book after this trainwreck of a novel I’m reading at the moment. That horse ones sounds hilarious.

    • Yup, all 4 stories are found in the one novel. They’re all great stories but even if you don’t like one you can pass on it and still enjoy the other 3. Also the overarching story is nice.

  2. Yep. I actually had a Forrest Gump moment earlier when I kept looking for what I thought were the individual books on and was flabbergasted as to why all my searches were referring me to the novel mentioned at the outset.

    By the way, it looks like the author is the same as 夢を叶えるゾウ. So if you liked that book (which Adam reviewed earlier), you’ll probably like all these too. After reading all the reviews, I’m even more excited to start reading this author.

    • Sorry if that wasn’t clear!

      And yes it’s by the same author. There is only one book left that I haven’t read/reviewed of his (his most recent novel).

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