Achieving Your Japanese Goals – October 2019 — 6 Comments

  1. My goal is to add 200 cards from Intermediate and finish the deck (800-1000), to do my reviews every day, and to keep working on RTK.

    I also want to listen to Japanese podcasts or audiobooks a few times per week.

    Same goals as last month. Hard but doable.

  2. Goal: JA 400
    -continue JA at 10 cards per day
    -read daily
    -shadow daily on commute

    1 week this month I’ll be on vacation so probably will not study much then…not sure if itll be zero studying or not but going to be easy on myself…been hitting it pretty steadily lately..maybe reading only that week?

  3. – Add 160 new cards on Jalup Apprentice (goal: 670/1000).
    – Add 280 new kanji on Lazy Kanji deck in Anki (goal: 890/1000).
    – Add 280 new cards on Core 2000 deck in Anki (goal: 480/2007).
    – Passive immersion: continue listening as much as I can, no defined goal.
    – Active immersion: watching a ゼロの使い魔 episode a day (goal: end of season 2).

  4. Keeping it simple this month:

    * Do all reviews
    * Keep doing lots of immersion
    * Clean up marked cards in Anki (cards that need improvement or more vocab cards).

  5. Okay October in order of priority:

    *Do all reviews
    *Start Jalup Master at 12 cards a day (This should get me to card 372)
    *As I finish cards read the Immersion material
    1. よつばと! (Cards 1-74)
    2. 日常 (Cards 75-110)
    3. ドラゴンボール (Cards 111-179)
    4. しろくまカフェ (180-199)
    5. うさぎドロップ (200-250)
    6. 坂本ですが (251-278)
    7. Charlotte (279-342)

    *Finish Terrace House Aloha State Part 4 (Listening only, then with jsubs, then immerse in car)
    *Watch and finish Carole & Tuesday (Stretch goal)

    This is looking a little daunting as I enter it so we will see how it goes :) If I don’t get the last stretch goal done thats okay…

  6. 1. 200 new cards (currently on expert stage 4 card 875)
    2. Watch 10 dramas
    3. Read グッドモーニング・コール volume 5 and 6

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