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  1. I’m in Japan for pretty much all of December. It is my plan to finish the last two chapters of Genki by the second week (I’m already well into the second last chapter). I’m aiming to add 10-15 sentences per day. After that, the sky’s the limit. Future sentences will come from native material, and I am hoping to ease myself into Japanese-only definitions.

    • I did manage to get through the last of Genki’s chapters by the second week of December, so, goal acheived! I’ve started adding words I encounter using news articles from the NHK News Web Easy page. I’m using Japanese definitions when possible, but I am not going out of my way to do branching. Often it is possible to understand the word’s meaning from context, anyways. Getting all the political related words is really nice, since the news is more interesting to me than a manga or something. I was sick for a week and a half, so probably was not as productive as I could have been.

  2. December is going to be a very transitional month for me. For the first two weeks I will be finishing up Jalup Advanced. I should finish on December 13th. I have also finished Pimsleur III in the car and am looking to buy Pimselur 4 & 5 for January but there will be a gap in December where I will likely listen to random Japanese podcasts in the car.

    As far as immersion goes I slowed way down on Food Wars. I just didn’t understand enough. Instead I am picking some better suited material from here:

    So in short in December I will:
    *Add Final ~150 Jalup Advanced cards
    *Immerse in car using podcasts
    *Continue Yotsuba and try Dragonball manga or HunterXHunter manga
    *Continue watching Terrace House with Japanese Subs
    *Continue watching live action GTO for immersion

    January is going to mark a drastic change of studying. I want to really focus on listening and speaking From January-May when I head to Japan for a month. So I am planning on doing the app speaking missions, I think I will do anki for jalup stories to test my listening, shadowing more, continuing watching immersion material, Pimselur 4 in the car, etc. I will probably hold off on Jalup hero/expert until the summer unless I have withdrawal :) and grade myself harder on old reviews. Anyone have early feedback on my plans for Jan-May next year let me know.

    • Went as planned this month. A light month but I finished advanced last week. Just doing reviews until January now. And minimal immersion when I can.

      I have Anki setup to test on listening starting January. It looks like I have enough content there to last about thirty days so I will hopefully start expert in February.

      *Add Final ~150 Jalup Advanced cards

      *Immerse in car using podcasts
      DONE really enjoying bilingual news

      *Continue Yotsuba and try Dragonball manga or HunterXHunter manga
      DONE Reading around three yotsuba chapters a week and enjoying it

      *Continue watching Terrace House with Japanese Subs
      DONE watched around six more episode

      *Continue watching live action GTO for immersion
      Incomplete I did a little bit more but mostly did terrace House or food wars

  3. Goals:
    -> Take the JLPT N3
    -> Finish detective novel
    -> Continue studying after JLPT
    -> Test in person
    -> novel in possession already (partway complete I have most of the tools I need for this already and can acquire anything else pretty quickly
    Game plan/strategy
    -> Proctored
    -> waiting until JLPT is complete, then I plan to read a little bit each day and will finish most of it while on break, the way I usually do
    -> I have some apps that let me track tasks which have been very helpful with keeping me on track all year so far, so I plan to keep using those

  4. Though this section of the website when finished since you didn’t post it last month, but as still going will post some new goals.
    1. Finish the remaining 宇宙兄弟 cards, only 74 lefts
    2. Read next 2 volumes of 宇宙兄弟 
    3. Watch 12 shows

    I’m taking the JLPT level 5 and hoping to pass. I haven’t done any studying specifically for it so hoping since it’s the easiest level I can pass it.

  5. This year i started learning japanese.
    What i finished so far is learning Hiragana and Katakana.
    Learned 1693 Vocables (took me around 100 Hours distributed trough 121 days)
    From Jalup Android App:

    Jalup Beginner 374
    Kanji Kingdom 165

    My goal for next year is, decreasing the vocabulary part and learn more grammar tough Jalup, so i can use the Vocables i know. But i wont stop the sessions of Vocabulary, since there are 654 Vocables in various Levels of SRS waiting to get memorized, and i wont lose progress here.

    Goal till 31.12.2018
    => Learn to naturally and intuitivly use negations, present, pastforms in simple sentences trough Jalup.

    • Wow i just recognize that it is a real good feeling writing down what i already did.
      Altough i track my Vocableprogress trough an excel file, it feels good to see in condensed form what i already did on my path to fluency.

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