Achieving Your Japanese Goals – September 2019 — 11 Comments

  1. Okay, let me try this again :)

    1. Goals for September:
    – 10 jalup beginner cards a day. If I start to struggle with the amount, at least 7 cards each day (that way I will be able to finish jalup beginners until my second atemp at the N5 this december.)
    – finish wanikani level 9

    2. Ressources:
    – Jalup Beginner Deck

    3. investing 1 hour a day to do my reviews and new lessons.
    If I have some time during work or other breaks, I will fill them with my reviews.

  2. My goal is to add 200 cards from Intermediate, going from 600 to 800, to do my reviews every day, and to keep working on RTK.

    I also want to listen to Japanese podcasts or audiobooks a few times per week.

  3. As I’m going to Japan for half this month, my goals this time are going to be a bit easier.

    1. Continue Jalup. Start going through the Jalup Hero deck, attempt to reach 300 cards by the end of the month.
    2. Get a ton of casual speaking practice in Japan. After the trip, start shadowing again.
    3. Read 2 light novels this month.

  4. go from 320/360ish of Jalup beginner which I will be at by the end of the month and finish Jalup beginner before the 21st because I go on vacation then and want to just review and get ready for intermediate :). Also I am gonna do 30 kanji kingdom cards a day for the whole month with a days off every week for review. I will be at 210 in kanji kingdom starting september 1st.

  5. Okay so September goals in order of priority:

    1) Keep up with all reviews
    2) Finish Jalup Hero at 15 new cards a day, this should bring me to 1000/1000 before the end of the month. Extra time of the month I will spend just getting reviews aging a bit and preparing to convert everything over to anki I guess to continue with Jalup Master (sadly as I love the app)
    3) Continue my new listening immersion plan. Listen active to part 3 of terrace House aloha state, then passive in the car.
    4) Watch and finish Devilman crybaby in spare time (Japanese with Jsubs)

  6. 1. 100 new cards from expert stage 4
    2. Watch 10 dramas
    3. Read グッドモーニング・コール volume 3 and 4

  7. -finish JI doing:
    -5 cards JI per day
    -KK reviews
    -shadow during commute
    -read read read!
    -buy a kobo and read more
    -rewatching naruto

      • Well I’m finding that while reading at the end of day helps get me familiar with kanji and words I already know – it doesn’t help me learn new words or kanji. And I’m kind of lazy so I thought with an e-reader I’d be able to install a J-J dictionary and start looking up words quickly as I go. I went back and forth between the Kobo and the Kindle – but being in Canada a lot of great features of the Kindle are unavailable. Plus I kind of like that Kobo is a Canadian subsidiary owned by Rakuten. Kobo will accept just about any kind of format including epub so library books are also possible. Plus when I go to Japan I plan to buy a whole bunch of e-books off of Rakuten (going in December). I think its country locked otherwise but once you buy the book in Japan it reportedly works…or I suppose I could VPN. Looks like most new e-readers handle manga just fine as well.

  8. super late but whatevs.
    *create 10-20 new sentence cards on the weekends
    *study 2-5 of these cards each day
    *keep. up. with. reviews. even do it in 1 minute sessions with a break after if that’s what it takes to get through it.
    *keep watching violet evergarden
    *try to read more of the magician’s nephew
    *keep listening to japanese music while doing stuff
    *play fire emblem 3h with japanese voices

    i feel like i’ve finally gotten to a place where i can watch/play something and actually understand basically what’s going on. i’ve really been enjoying using music i like to make sentence flashcards. it gives me motivation being able to understand the lyrics and sing along.

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