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  1. This is a great idea. I didn’t know I needed this. Excellent work. I don’t regret buying your decks even slightly. Thank you for your hard work Adam!

    • Hey Adam, I was wondering if you know about mattvsjapan and his latest videos on ‘retiring srs cards’? The theory is that once a common word has a long enough Interval (say 1yr), you can suspend it as you’ll probably come across it multiple times during daily reading/watching.

      It would be nice if the app has a feature to suspend cards that go over a certain Interval eg. If interval passes 12 months, suspend it.

      • I don’t personally believe that’s necessary, since all it takes is a few intervals to push it into the decades. Sometimes on those extra reviews when you already know a card because of other exposure, you:

        – Realize that you had a misunderstanding about the way a word was used, and it wasn’t until you saw the definition after a long time, you realize your misunderstanding
        – See a word that you don’t encounter much in the real world, but still have it in your long term memory. Seeing it again makes you aware of that word again.
        – See a sentence over a decade at minor intervals helps you internalize it, pushing it from passive to active, giving you more control.
        – Prevent extra will-power draining “decision” moments. (I guess if it was automatic then you wouldn’t have to decide, but there are too many factors to make a blanket removal.)

        See more where I discussed this a few years back.

  2. This is great! I was looking up the odd kanji now and then in jdic but it was frustrating as the keyword isn’t always the same as in jalup. Great way to reinforce those persistent kanji I seem to always forget.

  3. Dear Adam,

    i have two feature requests.
    1. Would it be possible to receive a list of Kanjis which were failed in the last 24 hours?

    2. Also it would be nice to have the possibility to study Kanji vice versa, currently Kanji are learned by Meaning => Symbol, but i have a feeling Symbol => Kanji would help me improve.

    The feature would be nice because i want to write kanji which i failed at a day because i recognized that there are some Kanji that are seriously troublesome for me.
    But often writing then could help. So a list of failed Kanjis for the current day would be helpful.

    The 2.nd feature simply is because i recognized that some Kanji i vastly fast learned because they occured in other Kanjis sentences and where already filled so i often saw the Kanji and checked the Meaning of it.

    Of course those are only suggestions from a person currently struggling with kanjis.

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