Why Studying with an SRS App is Overpowered #2: Randomness Breeds Creativity — 2 Comments

  1. This rings so true for me.

    I’ve been using JALUP app for about four months. When I first started intermediate, I restarted it TWICE as I just felt lost after the first 30-40 cards.

    On my third run through (combined with blog posts like this one) I JUST kept going. I am now at card 500. I’ve learned to see an “unknown” card as a card that I don’t yet know and just accept that and move on.

    The final piece to this story, is that what is said in this blog is completely true, I had not considered that it could just be because of the random order, but it makes a lot of sense! I have that experience, of coming back to a card a week/month later (even beginner ones) and something just clicks!

    To quote someone else on this site “one day you will see that card and wonder why you ever thought it was hard”

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