Achieving Your Japanese Goals – September 2020 — 8 Comments

  1. Continue with Jalup beginner, at a rate of 15 cards per day. Hopefully finish by middle of September, then start with Intermediate.
    Listen to Japanese podcasts whenever possible.
    Watch one Japanese show/movie/anime per day if possible on Netflix. Japanese subs only.
    At this rate, I hope to finish all decks by June 2022.

  2. I’ve started yet again, and I think why I always quit is due to a lack of tangible progression, so my goal is pretty hefty.

    My goal is to complete Jalup Beginner and the first 1000 cards of Kanji Kingdom by the end of September, at 30 new cards of each deck per day. I’m planning on slowing down once I get to Intermediate. At this rate though, I have some cushion in case I miss a day or so, so I should be able to clear my goal if I just stick with it.

    JB – 190/1000
    KK – 160/1000 (2300)

    Maybe a secondary goal of sorting out some proper immersion material, but for now I’m just watching/listening to a Let’s Play of 零の軌跡改. It would probably be a good idea to have something a bit more proper for the Intermediate phase. Let’s go!

  3. It is working so no need to go and change much. This month:

    1) Keep up with reviews
    2) Listen to Nihongo Con Teppei podcast – 30 min per day – continue intermediate
    3) Hello Talk – Daily moments post and at least 1 direct convo a day
    4) Add new words from podcast, hello talk, shadowing etc to my self made deck
    5) Try 5 episodes of something to find something new to watch here and there.
    6) Continue shadowing everyday. 15-30 min on average per day and I want to get through unit 5 & 6 section 1.

  4. My goals are to
    1. Get a better grasp of Japanese Grammar
    2. Do 150 cards of Situations Beginner

    To accomplish these I plan on
    1. Doing 5 cards of Situations a day.
    2. Continuing to do my daily reviews
    3. Reading 2 articles of Tae Kim’s Grammar Guide a day
    4. Do as much listening practice as my college schedule will allow

    I think I have too poor of a grasp on grammar to jump into J-J so I want to spend some time getting that down before I do

  5. I think I have a working scheme here. So more of the same

    1) Create and add at least 5 selfmade cards each day. If I somehow manage to run out use Jalup Master instead. If I keep up the pace of creating new cards maybe increase the number a bit.

    2) Immersion. As much as feasible.

    3) Improve writing using HelloTalk. No specific goals because they kill my motivation, but maybe reach out to write to some more people (instead of the just one person as of now).

  6. I know I’m late, but better late then never!

    1) Do at LEAST one Japanesepod101 lesson a day.

    2) Reach your xp goal on duolingo everyday.

    I want to be n5 level by the end of the month, I’m really close!

  7. 1. Finish くまクマ熊ベアー Vol 3 and 4
    2. Start the 青春ブタ野郎は series
    3. Keep sentence mining the 青春ブタ野郎は series
    4. Keep mining shows alongside that adding 10 cards a day from things like 軽音, おおかみこどもの雨と雪, 青春ブタ野郎は映画, etc.
    5. Watch 12 eps of shows a day
    6. Listen to a podcast every other day or so (そこあに)
    7. Listen to condensed audio of things I have watched

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