Battle Japanese 1-1: Training Begins — 19 Comments

  1. 左上のゴリラ格好いい!でも右下の絵の意味(腸)ははっきりじゃないと思うよ。僕みたいの初心者のために今回矢印など使ってみないか? 「コレが注意点だよボケ!」って感じ。

    • コメントありがとうございます!なるほど、矢印などを使ってわかりやすくするという方法もありますね。今後の参考にさせていただきます。

  2. I was far from understanding everything, but keep it coming! One page at a time doesn’t scare me away even if I only understand 50% or less. Bite-sized practice like this is just what I need :)

    • Thank you so much for your comment! Yes, I planned bite-sized practice for Japanese by battle language just like you commented. But I’m sorry if this comic was far from your understanding . I’ll effort to make easier and more exciting comics to you☆

      • That’s really sweet of you, but I’m sure I will eventually get better and understand more :) my pace is not all that fast, I’m only in the beginning of Jalup Intermediate, so a lot of it is simply missing vocabulary which will come along with time… I got the overall story very well from the pictures, so not understanding all of the text didn’t bother me really. I avoided using a dictionary since I only had a small amount of time to read it, but with a dictionary I probably could have understood more.

        Keep up the good work ☆

  3. これでようやく「スキあり」の意味が掴めました (^^)


    • コメントありがとうございます!でも、そっちの意味!?そうか、「スキあり」のお話を作るという手もありましたねえ^^;参考にさせていただきます!

  4. これは・・・ある意味、斬新ですなぁ。

    • ああ、かかずユキ先生!コメント本当にありがとうございます。「斬新だ!これはイケる!」と漫画を描くときいつも自分で思います(笑)
      でも完成度が斬新さに追いつかないので、なかなか思ったように結果が出ませんTT 日々精進ですね☆

  5. What level of jalup is necessary to comprehend? (currently level 15 haha) or jalup deck wise would be nice too.

    • First I’ll just say that this is by no means a sure answer. I just go from what I know being in the middle of Jalup Intermediate. I can’t see any grammar that isn’t covered by Jalup Beginner (level 20 I think). The difficult bit is the vocab, which you won’t have all that much of if you only did the Jalup Beginner Anki deck and nothing else. If you’re still in the J-E phase it should be easy to comprehend with a dictionary by your side to look-up unknown vocab.. I can’t say too much about J-J yet, since I’m still in the getting-used-to phase and haven’t really tried the whole branching process yet. Some of the words may have difficult branches, I don’t know.

      • Ah very informative thank you! I do realise jalup is more focused towards grammar so of course I have it and a vocab deck (That i’ll ditch except for reviews once I hit J-J)

        • Jalup Beginner is pretty grammar-focused yes.. I feel that intermediate has a lot more vocab, which is also a great way to start the J-J phase, since explaining vocab in Japanese is probably simpler than explaining grammar.

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