Creating Comedy from the 80-Year-Old Voice Actress of Goku — 6 Comments

    • Last time we talked, I remember that you started watching the series with your friend. Did you ever get caught up with recent material?


      • Hi Adam. My girlfriend and I have watched up to around the part where cell summons his cell juniors. Not that impressive, considering how long it’s been. But we watched from dragon ball episode 1, not dbz.

        I’m still dying to watch super、 just have so many things distracting us from Dbz(yes, in Japanese :p). Super Mario odyssey is not helping (ps. Every switch game has Japanese option on it, that means no need to import).

        まあ、ユーチューバーと比べると成功の可能性が高いですね。確率はゼロだとしても思い切り目指しますよ!そう言えば、相方が欲しい:p よろしく?

        • ドラゴンボールに専念してください!


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