Jalup Kana — 12 Comments

  1. Just downloaded the app. I have only tried the first stage, where one practices the association of the sound of the vowels to their hiragana symbol. It was really fun. You had to choose between the five hiragana after hearing the vowel sound. The arrangement of the hiragana changed each time, adding to the challenge. Just the right amount of ease, and just the right amount of fun. 5 stars :’)

    • P.S. I tried rating it on the App store with my iPod touch, but it didn’t seem to send it after I entered my desired nickname…

    • Thanks Chase for checking it out!

      As for app store reviews, the system is really picky about unique nicknames (and doesn’t give you an error if you choose a name already taken). So try something like SuperawesomeJapaneseguy1 and I guarantee it’ll work :)

  2. This is cool! I would have liked it when I was studying kana lol. Maybe I’ll use it for a refresher ;)

  3. Even though I’m almost finished with Jalup Beginner and I thought I was an expert in Hiragana, I loved this app and was surprised to see that I still needed work on remembering the Hiragana. The app is quick, fun and addictive. I also had to change my name several times before the review would be accepted, but I kept trying because I want Jalup to be supported and come up with more apps in the future.

  4. Woohoo! This is terrific! Are you planning on making an app for JalupNext? I primarily use my phone for studying, since it’s more convenient. Anki has a system of syncing between the app and your online account that works really well.

    • As of right now it’s still kind of up in the air (partially due to the original person who was going to work on the app dropped out).

    • I don’t believe it will be coming to android (which I currently use) because he would have to learn android programming as well. That would be a ton to ask of him haha. But for all I know, maybe he is.

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