5 Comedians that will Provide an Explosion of Laughter — 4 Comments

  1. For me this list won’t be complete until it gets long enough to include COW COW, Bananaman, and the legendary Downtown! ^_^

  2. I love 陣内さん and アンジャッシュ, all three are really clever, easy to understand comedians, but I like アンジャッシュ a lot more. I don’t really laugh much (occasionally I blow air through my nose) at English comedy, but for some reason アンジャッシュ makes me laugh every time, by keeping most of their material fresh. I think I have never laughed this much in my life…the ending to ぶつかった二人 had me in tears. Japanese comedy expressions, the confused look, the over the top anger, west could NEVER copy.
    I’ll check out Sandwich Man after 1500 cards or so :P.

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