5 Japanese TEDx Talks to Inspire and Motivate — 10 Comments

  1. Definitely will watch the 4th one. I feel like I’m in her shoes… pre quitting the job at least. I need another year or so here and finish paying off those lovely college loans, but after that who knows :)

    Thank you for recommending.

    • As she says, it takes a lot of courage, but it is worth it. Can’t let college loans control your life (despite them trying to!)

    • Thoughts on the (fifth) Uematsu talk – This is pretty easy linguistically (Jalup Advanced+). He speaks pretty fast, so assistance of Japanese subtitles might be required. The title sounds cheesy, but it’s *very* good, relatable, and is recommended for anyone struggling or on the verge of giving up.

    • Thoughts on the (second) Daiko Matsuyama talk : Linguistically, this talk is relatively tough, but completing “JalUp Expert” should make it easier to grasp. He speaks slowly and clearly. This talk touches on various minor topics. There are only 2 moments where it particularly shines – Near the middle where he compares Japanese curry to Indian curry and near the conclusion. The rest felt a bit disappointing. A good talk nonetheless.

  2. I’m making subs2srs decks out of all the Japanese Ted talks with subtitles! I did the first one on your list already. Seriously, I start crying during some of these. What a great resource.

    • Nice idea turning them into Anki decks. A little extra motivation on the go, and repetition of powerful ideas to remember.

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