How I Keep up my Japanese While Traveling on a Long Vacation — 4 Comments

  1. I’m on vacation and would just add that it’s tougher when you’re taking care of a three-year-old boy the whole time!

    One thing that helped me out (in addition to the good tips mentioned in this post) is that I quit adding new cards into Anki a couple weeks before leaving and even studied a bit ahead.

    My thinking on this was like driving, where you want to slow down going into a curve and then accelerate through it. I’m still in the middle of my vacation now, but am glad I took it easy going into the curve and actually wish I slowed down sooner.

    Anyway, the thing that helped me the most at the start of the trip? Flying from Asia into the past. That time zone difference was as needed as it was appreciated!

  2. Every since I started learning Japanese, I would sort of not be as happy I guess, when my parents and I would go on vacations, because always in the back of my mind I would be like “Man, I could be spending these plethora of hours doing Japanese, but I’m sitting at a beach, man!”

    Luckily this summer I’m going to Japan :D
    I’m going to have to be doing all the interpreting for my parents, and I am confident in my Japanese ability, but I still am feeling nervous.

  3. I actually took a long vacation a month or two back, and I used a lot of these ideas. Since I didn’t have a smartphone, I bought an Android tablet and Anki’d every day, loaded a few books on it and a few gigabytes of Japanese podcasts and music. Obviously, I wasn’t able to spend as much time in the language as I usually do, especially as I had my big family along with me, but I was happy. :)

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