The Knee Pizza Japanese Word Play — 5 Comments

  1. I tried it out!

    I messed it up and pointed to my knee instead, ha. My husband had to think a bit because he knew it was supposed to be elbow and he’s not supposed to say knee, but I messed up so he has to say knee instead of pizza.

    He won both jokes, oh well! It was a good laugh.

    • Ahh! You can’t mess up the most important part! まあ~ドンマイ!

      At least it was still fun.

  2. I now realize I’d actually seen this “game” before in the Naruto SD anime series (episode 10, around time 18:00). Seriously, that anime is like a mini course on Japanese culture.

  3. Shinchan has a lot of puns.
    For example
    A hot guy with a name : 池目 (いけめ) or (イケメン)
    A fitness trainer with name : 屋瀬間 祥子 (やせま しょうこ) or (痩せましょう) and like that

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