Manga Got A Chance (マンガごっちゃ) — 10 Comments

  1. This is really a great resource. But am I the only one who sees マンガごっちゃ and thinks “Manga Gotcha?”

  2. Will definitely be browsing!

    There’s also which has LOADS of free manga series.

  3. Cool, this is the first time I’ve seen this from Japan. I know a lot of webcomics from America, some from Europe, and even a couple from Korea, but I didn’t know that Japan had it going on too. That’s great – webcomics are a fantastic medium for comic artists that gives them the most freedom and, if they play their cards right, the most profit. Plus, it has a low barrier of entry for all readers!
    Is there a special word they use to refer to these online comic projects? Some equivalent term for “webcomics”? Or is it still just “manga”?

    • Oh nevermind, they call it “webcomics” too. And while the big English language listing is on topwebcomics, the Japanese one seems to be
      But I’m too 眠い right now to get through that much Japanese, so someone more advanced than me please poke around and see if there’s a good long list of free Japanese-language net comics on there somewhere. Should be.

      • Yes, I’ve definitely heard of WebComicRanking (WCR)! 喫茶部へようこそ is listed 22nd on that site. I heard about WCR through 喫茶部へようこそ but never fully explored it myself. Bookmarking to explore it later!

        You’ll see three categories of manga being ranked on the navigation bar: オール (All), オリジナル (Original) and パロディ (Parody).

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