You Need Time To Make More Time — 11 Comments

  1. I think it’s not just finding things that “waste time”, but also finding things that could take up less time. Like if you have a hobby that is not a “waste of time” that you still want to do. Rather then spending X minutes a day on this hobby you could spend 30 less minutes a day on it.
    Like for me, I still read books in English. But I make sure that the ratio of reading Japanese compared to English is good.

  2. One other thing is doing your time wasters in Japanese, aka youtube for me. Once I become addicted to youtube again but this time in Japanese. My level will flourish

    • unsubscribing from almost all english youtube channels and replacing with japanese alternatives was huge.

    • And the great thing about it is that it no longer is a “time waster,” it’s a “study session.”

  3. I agree with this point fully. However, I am like a planning addict or something. I like planning my life more than living my life. This is problematic haha.

  4. You lit a fire under my ass by zeroing in on my weak, white underbelly with this post. Got a To Do app. Check. Using it. Check. Accomplishing priorities instead of watching Hell’s Kitchen. Check. Thanks!

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