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  1. I currently have 840 reviews due across 5 different decks. 473 of them are handwritten kanji reviews. It’s going to be a long haul, but I’ve been chipping away at them. It’ll feel really good when I get it down to 0. I’ve recovered from worse, so I know I can make it through this time. I”ve been focusing on getting through the decks that have less due reviews first so that I don’t have to worry about them in the face of the larger decks.

  2. Just when I’m getting down to 200 (from 500) I skip days and I’m back up there. But I’m determined to get to zero! Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. A couple of months ago, I had about 600 reviews after missing over a week due to being at a conference. Chipping away is the easiest way to go, after four days, I got it back down to zero. A lot of those 600 were cards that I knew well, and they got sent far into the future after a single review. Within a week, I was back down to the 150 or so reviews per day that I was doing at the time (20 new cards a day). I think the key thing is to not add any new cards until you are back to normal review levels. Also, it helps to do it in chunks through the day. It is easier to get through that pile if you do 50 in the morning, 50 during the day, then maybe 200 at night. Same process can be a good idea for regular reviewing too. ;)

  4. Right now I’m looking at 537 due Japanese-Reviews :<
    My will is not quite broken, but I really don't find the Energy to get them down while studying and reviewing University-Flashcards.

    It sure is hard to maintain several things at once. :D

    Anyone got a increase Max-HP-Potion?

  5. Hah, how well timed this is. I’m behind about 3 days on reviews – it’s been a bit of a tumultuous month.

    Still, I’ve found the best thing for me to do is to limit each of my decks to 100 reviews. That feels very manageable, and in addition I don’t spend as much time on the cards as usual. I feel like the payoff in terms of making catching up on reviews a manageable task is worth any forgotten cards which will be picked up by anki later.

    I work through all 100 reviews, and if I still have time/stamina left I often just up the max review number by 50 to give me more reviews, and so on. I can often get through about 200 a day per deck doing this, which I’d find extremely difficult if I just set the max at 200.

    (Thanks for the prompt to get my butt in gear with this today!)

  6. I just knocked out a 3000+ review buildup that I’d been working on for the past week. Feels good to have it back down again.

    • 3000! that’s amazing! My buildup of 500 feels like absolutely nothing now haha (And I mean that in a positive way!)

    • This got more replies than I thought it would so I guess I’ll show what my review count and review time look like:

      I guess it was more like two weeks. I started adding new cards yesterday since that’s when I finished off the backlog. Massive review buildups are nothing to fear! They’re just annoying. The real bad thing about them is knowing you could be better now if you hadn’t neglected them. In a weird counter-intuitive way I’d almost recommend going through a crazy large review buildup at some point. It makes 200 reviews in a day feel very light. (For reference, I had some 190 reviews + 25 new cards today, and it went by extremely fast in comparison to most days the past couple weeks) Though the cost to your Japanese ability probably isn’t worth it.

  7. I haven’t really done any japanese related studies for the past few months and while compared to a lot of people here I still didn’t have a huge backlog (maybe 600-700?) for me it was a lot. I’ve caught up with most of it, did all the sentences and now today I’m at 175 kanji left to review. The reason I am happy about this, is because in the past, everytime I have stopped japanese for X or Y reason, I would just reset my decks. But now, since Jalup NEXT doesn’t allow that (or at least I don’t know how, thankfully), I have actually gone through the reviews. It’s a pain in the ass; the sentences were easy since I’ve done these many times but the kanji, wow there’s a LOT that I am grading as wrong haha. Anyways I’m proud that for once instead of giving up and starting over for the Xth time, I decided to catch up and not lose all of my progress. Hopefully I won’t need to do this again but if I do, I know that I need to do those reviews, NOT restart. Here’s to a better japanese future, only 2-3 days left of catching up!

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