Top 85 J-Dramas Of All Time: #41-50 — 9 Comments

  1. Man, it says a lot for the sorry state of my Japanese when dramas you list as “One Star” difficulty I can barely follow. :-(

  2. I just finished watching hammer session. Great drama, made me cry at the end. Also, really easy to understand~
    Thanks for these guides adshap!

    • I completely agree with you; it is a great drama. It was the second one that I watched and I really got into it, and I think that helped me come to appreciate JDramas now. Not only that, but the Japanese subs for it were easy to find which was nice as well.
      I’ve recently been going through your other suggestions and have really been enjoying them so far. I haven’t thanked you for them yet, so thanks!

      • If you have any favorites that you like from the guides, definitely leave comments about them! I think people are more likely to get excited to watch them if other people are also enjoying them as well.

    • It’s a really fun drama. I was almost considering discontinuing the guides because I thought no one was actually using them, but I guess I will continue them!

  3. I just finished Holyland.

    I absolutely loved it. Burned through it in two sittings (which would have been one sitting if I didn’t have to go to work). Really, really great stuff. A shonen fighting anime in drama form!

    Are there any other fighting dramas you can recommend like this?

    • Holy land was pretty unique.

      The only other fighting dramas that come to mind are:

      Crows Zero (movie)
      マジですか学園 (though this was just silly)

      Then again these are more high school fighting, and not street fighting like in Holy Land.

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