10 Unique Ways To Answer What Is Your Favorite Color

Ever get asked by a Japanese person “what is your favorite color?” Colors? Thrilling conversation at its finest. You aren’t thinking about answering that life-changing question with a 赤 (red) or 青 (blue), are you?

It’s time to dip into the ultra rare colors. The ones that will leave your head in a permanent tilt of “what the…”

10 Unique Ways To Answer What Is Your Favorite Color

10. 長春色 (ちょうしゅんいろ): long spring

9. 江戸茶 (えどちゃ): Edo era tea

8. 洒落柿色 (しゃれがきいろ): stylish persimmon

7. 梅鼠色 (うめねずみいろ): plum blossom mouse

6. 紅消鼠 (べにけしねずみ): red-erasing mouse

5. 憲法色 (けんぽういろ) the constitution of Japan

4. 生壁色 (なまかべいろ): undried wall

3. 千歳緑 (せんざいみどり): thousand year old green

2. 偽紫: (偽紫) : fake purple

1. 虫襖色 (むしあおいろ): insect screen

Yes. These are all real colors.

I would show you what these colors are, but that would just ruin the fun. Use your imagination. Or Google Images.

You are now ready to answer the age-old color question with mastery.


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10 Unique Ways To Answer What Is Your Favorite Color — 8 Comments

  1. What classifies a ‘real color’ though? Could I just make up something by describing something with 色 on the end like “青信号色” or “メロンのようなオレンジ色” or “ピカチュウのような黄色” and then that becomes a color? Hmm, I can think of some funny replys next time some one asks me, haha.

  2. I believe 繊細緑 is supposed to be 千歳緑, and it also appears that the reading is せんざいみどり or ちとせみどり (even though the IME gives せんさいみどり as a reading). Interesting collection of colors though!

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