January 2017 Challenge – Change 1 Major Japanese Study Habit

Join the next group of people trying to accomplish a major Japanese goal, set a reasonable but challenging time frame, and reach for a grand win together.



The New Year is coming and that means people trying to attempt too many resolutions and achieving none of them. Your task is to change one major Japanese study habit for January and the rest of 2017.

Initial Instructions

Leave a comment by January 1st and include:
1. Your level
2. Resources you will use
3. Game plan/strategy

Completion Instructions

Reply to your comment by January 31st and include:
1. Completed or failed? How far did you get?
2. Your experience (issues, struggles, discoveries)

● See past challenges, attempt any that you missed, and make your way into the Hall of Honor...
● Remember to update your progress on the December Group Challenge!

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January 2017 Challenge – Change 1 Major Japanese Study Habit — 6 Comments

  1. The study habit that I want to change is to increase my passive immersion. I complete my anki (soon to be NEXT) reviews nearly every day, and usually manage to get in a good bit of active immersion (watching anime or dramas). But I often do my reviews and unrelated work in silence.

    I want to make a broad statement that my goal is to just increase passive immersion, but not that isn’t tangible enough. So I’ll say that a good goal for me is just to be passively immersing while I do my sentence and kanji reviews.

    • Oops! Forgot some details.

      I’m probably around level 25-30.

      As far as resources are concerned, I have not yet made the change to NEXT and I will continue using anki for now. For the immersion I will use the shows that I have recorded (and will record). Mostly anime and drama. I will listen either on my computer or phone depending on where I am.

      Game Plan? “Just do it.” The moment I realize I’m not immersing, grab those headphones and tune in.

  2. I really want to change my level and improve my Japanese!
    I fell like an eternal stop learner hehe.

    1. level 11 since a year ago, when I did and passed N5.
    2. Anki, JALUP Next, RTK, Habitica App
    3. My strategy is to keep doing my studies daily, focusing on small tasks to reach a major goal. I want to be able to reach a higher level and be able to do N3 by the end of this year.

  3. The habit I ought to change is to fully concentrate on my reviews and new cards instead of switching back and forth between different activies.

    So I’m planning to tackle a prior defined amount of cards, and complete those in a row without getting distracted. I guess I’ll aim for 20-50 per wave.
    Doing that a few times a day should suffice to get rid of the reviews efficiently and effective.

    Oh and I’m around level 7, I guess.. Maybe I’ll also set on my plans for the months to check my level using the tests :D

  4. Whilst doing anki reviews, I want to think about the sentence or RTK kanji cards a bit more deeply. I’ve been in the habit of “I want you gone as quick as possible” with more of a view for the short term than the long term. I feel like I’m getting reviews done quickly but that I’m not retaining the info as well as I could be. (meaning lots of “again’s”).

    For sentences: bringing up a memory or creating a mini (one line) drama in my head I think goes a long way.

    For kanji: taking the extra bit of time to bring back to mind my original story on cards that are still hazy.

    Long-term > short-term.

  5. I want to start reading my Anki reviews out loud again as since I stopped, I haven’t felt like my speaking ability has developed as well as my other skills. This is something I used to do, but due some changes in circumstances (new job with a much longer commute, and a new baby) I found myself with less time to do it.

    I currently do all my Anki reviews on the bus and train, usually in the morning, so I want to wake up a little earlier than usual (about 30 minutes should be enough) and do some Anki out loud before setting off for work. I don’t imagine I’ll be able to complete them all in this time, but if I can do 40 or so, that’s enough. This should leave me more time to read/immerse on the train instead of silently doing reps.

    1. 60+ (it’s been a while since I did the level test)
    2. Alarm clock, Anki
    3. To summarise the above: wake up 30 minutes early, read around 40 Anki reviews out loud

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