Manga Quiz: ナナマル サンバツ

Goal: Test your manga reading ability.
Manga used: ナナマルサンバツ

Japanese manga quiz 4-1

1. Read the manga panel
2. Type in the missing kanji/kana that is covered by red circles/blank rectangles.
3. Leave a comment about the quiz to ask about any grammar, words, sentence structure, etc. you want to know more about.



Japanese manga quiz 4-2

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Japanese manga quiz 4-3

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Japanese manga quiz 4-4

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Japanese manga quiz 4-5

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Japanese manga quiz 4-6

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Quiz #: 12345

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Manga Quiz: ナナマル サンバツ — 9 Comments

  1. Well that didn’t go so well! I thought I had reasonable answers to most, but alas’.. Also the last one was a total blank.

    • I’m going to eventually try to arrange these quizzes by difficulty (based on people’s scores), because I don’t want these to be seen as discouraging.

      I’m going to try to figure in a new easier quiz type, as this format is mostly geared towards high intermediate to advanced learners.

      Also, if anyone has any ideas on a fun but easier type of quiz, let me know.

      • Just to clarify I like these quizzes at current level!
        These are my incorrect answers:
        1. ゴール (Could this have been possible?)
        2. 答限 (Ok, I made this word up…. answer-limit no?)
        3. 級 (Could this have been possible?)
        4. 学ぶ (Could this have been possible?)
        5. _____ (Had no idea.)
        So what does あっという間 mean here? “Same style”?

        • 1. It would sound awkward using ゴール here.
          2. 制限時間 is the set phrase for time limit.
          3. The most common way to say what class your from is 組. I’ve never really heard 級 used to describe your own class when the letter is given before it (though I am aware in the dictionary it says: 学校で、同一の学年。また、学級。組。クラス)
          4. “I like reading books more than learning with friends,” I suppose could be correct.
          5. It’s over before you know it (literally “in the moment it takes to say “ah”)

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