SayGo Japan: The Dandy Samurai

Episode 1: Enter The Dandy Samurai

SayGo Japan 1 - Enter The Dandy Samurai - Japanese

English show

Episode 2: Towards Your Feet!

SayGo Japan 2 - Towards Your Feet - Japanese

English show

 Episode 3: Zen

SayGo Japanese 3 - Zen - Japanese

English show

Episode 4: Kimono

Saygo Japan 4 - Fortune Telling - Japanese

English show

Episode 5: Reading

SayGo Japan 5 - Enter The Dandy Samurai -Reading Japanese

English show

Episode 6: Self-Centered

SayGo Japan 6 - Self Centered Japanese

English show

Episode 7: Company Is Family

SayGo Japan 7 - Company Is Family Japanese

English show

Episode 8: Being An Idol

SayGo Japan 8 - Company Idol - Japanese -

English show

Episode 9: Fatherhood Trouble

SayGo Japan 9 - Fatherhood - Japanese

English show

Episode 10: Receiving Life


English show

The End

The Dandy Samurai series has concluded. If you enjoyed it leave your comments below!

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Manga artist trying to take strange comedy to a new level.

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SayGo Japan: The Dandy Samurai — 60 Comments

  1. An interesting read, but I found the handwriting very hard to read. I had to puzzle over some of the kanji for a while before I realized what they were. Once I figured it out though, I enjoyed it!


    • Thank you very much DX!!!!どうも、ありがとうございます。今、字の練習をしています。日本語のことや、日本のことでたずねたいことがあれば、どうぞ私に聞いてください!!!!!

  2. Ha ha ha this is great! I REALLY like the style and sense of humour! It reminds me of Akira Toriyama’s work, especially “鳥山明のヘタッピマンガ研究所”. Please give us more :)

  3. 3コマ目の写真が見えた瞬間に吹き出しました。Saburotaさん、次回の漫画も楽しみです。ありがとうダンディズム!!!

  4. 男は修羅場をくぐった数だけ輝きを増す。
    ビバ‼︎ ダンディズム\(^o^)/

  5. 今回も面白いですね!ダンディズム貫くのも簡単ではないですね!笑


  6. 日本人のシャイだけど、内に秘めた情熱が表現されていて良いですね(^^)d

  7. まだまだ行けますぞ!!(^_-)

    The comics that are interesting from now on thanking you in advance

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