3 Signs You’re Getting The Japanese Immersion You Need — 4 Comments

  1. This article really only applies to people who use software/web services that infringe on basic privacy.

    Youtube suggestions are normal, but ads reflecting your browsing history are not.

  2. Not only does it gauge your immersion, but it also assists it. If you are going to be subjected to ads, it’s always nice to know that your Japanese will benefit.

  3. Yeah, I guess for people who have changed their settings so that they never see ads (or only ads that aren’t as relevant because they don’t take into account their browser activity) the first sign won’t be that helpful.

    Still, I don’t know anyone personally who has done that and even for those who have, there are probably other options that are as useful.

    For example, if the first website that pops up when I type a letter “a” into the address bar is, I would see that as a sign that I was doing good. If it is, I’d take that as a sign that I’ve been doing even better.

    Also, forgetting about the internet world entirely, if I’m mumbling words in Japanese as I make my way to the cafe, that’s a good sign. If the song stuck in my head is a Japanese one, that’s good too. And if old friends ask me about my Japanese studies, that’s good. But if new friends ask me about my interests in Japanese, that’s really good.

    The same goes for anyone else of course. The point is not specific to ads; it’s to look for signs that reflect your taking this journey seriously (and in some cases to actually read the signs as they can be a great help to you on it).

  4. well, time to take a look at my frequented sites!
    1. WaniKani (mnemonics based Kanji)
    2. JALUP!!
    3. Complete guide to learning Japanese by Tae Kim
    4.Gmail :P
    6.GlowProducts (I put way too much time into which glowsticks I am going to buy for a Hatsune Miku concert XD)
    7.Learn Katakana: the Ultimate Guide
    8.Kasane Teto “Kasane Territory”- Zutto Teto No Turn
    9.Katakana Drag-and-Drop exercise
    10.Youtube to mp3 converter (for ripping vocaloid songs off of youtube)
    Well, I think its working.

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