4 Novels That’ll Keep You Glued Till The Last Page — 5 Comments

  1. I love these kind of posts and just put 夢を叶えるゾウ on my wish list. (The first one, as that seems the best place to start.)

    • Thanks Daniel! I’ve been on a bit of a novel reading spree these past few weeks so expect more to come.

      The 夢 series really is beautifully crafted, and the reason behind its popularity becomes apparent quickly. Each book technically stands on its own but yes, it’s better to start from the first one.

  2. Slightly off topic, but I’m going to start my first novel pretty soon and have already bought the entire Lord of the Rings set in Japanese.

    Adam, since you had mentioned reading them in a different post, I was curious about what difficulty level you think they would fall under. I guess I am a little nervous about taking the plunge. Thanks!

    • I read them when my level was around 50 and it was very difficult. So they are definitely 5 star material. To match the colorful language in the English version, they pull out a lot different types of Japanese that you probably won’t be used to.

      However, while it was a major challenge, I was a big fan of the series, so it was more than worth it. Also having read the books and seen the movies growing up made it easier. Going into it knowing nothing would have been a lot harder.

      I think getting through the full set (I remember each English book of the 3 being split off into 2 right?) will be a great mid-term goal for you. Keep in mind it’s difficulty and work at it a little at a time.

      • I can imagine a lot of colorful language, having read them in English once and having watched the movies too many times to count. I am looking forward to reading through them when I can, but I’ll definitely look into some novels more around my level to get my feet wet. I really like that being a goal to continually help push me forward.

        In my set, it is actually split into 4 Fellowship of the Ring books, 3 Two Towers books, and 2 Return of the King books in varying sizes. One good thing about this perhaps odd split is that the first ones are shorter, therefore when I start reading through them I will be able to complete the first novels a bit more quickly (confidence booster?).

        Anyway, thanks for the info and suggestions!

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