Experiencing And Defeating Language Jealousy — 8 Comments

  1. One thing you can do is befriend these people, they can make great allies! There will always be someone better than you, why not make friends instead of enemies?

  2. I think it always comes with mixed feelings. I think I usually don’t get depressed for long, but yeah it will happen.

    But there’s also some kind of awe for the person. I guess I like to have someone to look up to as well :D So I might not make the person my direct rival in a sense of “I’ll compete with him and defeat him” but… it still pushes me, somehow. I might make his current level my next mid-term goal. He’ll probably be even further along the journey then, but so what. It’s a bit like taking a glimps at a future-me :P I might be slower but I’m confident I’ll get there as well!

    And if I have a chance I might ask him how he got to the level he’s currently on. Or how he got there so fast. I mean different study methods work for different people but there is always a chance that you pick up some new ideas. I wish I knew back when I started out what I know now about learning a language. And most of that knowledge came from either trying myself (and sometimes failing miserably) or getting inspiration and ideas from other learners (like you!) :)

    But yeah, especially if I’m currently hitting a wall, I might get depressed when I see Speedy Gonzales waving back at me from miles ahead. Stupid mouse. Can’t be helped I guess. Congratulations Speedy, for getting so far. I guess I’ll have to enjoy the view for now, even if it hurts a bit.

    • Thanks for sharing how you deal with it. I like the positive attitude you’ve developed for the situation.

  3. Hey Adam, I remember somewhere on your site about knowing our Japanese reading ability, it’s where you wrote many Japanese texts to find out our current level. Could you please link it here? I’d like to find out mine!

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