Failed Your Japanese New Year’s Resolution Already? — 19 Comments

  1. We have two siblings at our daycare who whenever it’s time to clean up, they claim they have to go to the bathroom.

    That is mankind’s escape route. All of the sudden your bladder will act up when you need to do some in order to give you an excuse. Just bring the Japanese with you in the bathroom to counteract it.

  2. Great post. Creating a new habit is hard. Two things that really helped me:

    – Starting really really small. When I started working on my Kanji with Heisig, I started with only one card per day for the first few days. Why? Because just to set up everything in order to be able to practice that first card (Finding a deck, importing in anki, starting Anki, having a pen and paper ready, etc…) was not easy at the beginning. After a few days like that, I practiced more and more cards everyday.

    – Don’t try to learn more than one habit at a time. Start only one new habit, focus on it, after a few weeks when you start having the hang of it, you can start thinking about another habit.

    Trying to change too fast is a recipe for failure. It’s much better to focus on having, everyday, many small wins.

    • Agreed. Creating one habit is already a challenge. Trying to create multiple habits at once returns a higher failure rate.

  3. I purposely avoided such errors by starting my new years resolution December 17th. And then actually doing it. Small steps at a time. Still going strong!

  4. I really wanted to do a new years resolution for my Japanese. When I did one for switching to a J-J dictionary, it worked so well! But, I just couldn’t think of a resolution. I guess it’s not something you can force either.

    • You are probably busy working on your regular goals which is why you don’t need a special day to tell you to set goals.

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