Free Japanese Novels that are Really Good Reads — 5 Comments

  1. Whoa this site is awesome. Thanks for highlighting those specific finds within it too. I am not ready to tackle a book yet but when I am (maybe this time next year) this will be one of my first stops, probably starting with one of those suggestions you pointed out.

    Current plan is to up my reading a lot later this year after the summer but I will likely stick with manga until next year, then move more into books.

    • Sounds like a good plan. Manga is definitely an easier start, but when you are ready, take the full dive into novel world :)

      You’ll have a lot of fun with the site when you get up to it.

  2. Yay! Another great Japanese resource.

    Did you know … I’m sure you do… that you can get a lot of free stuff from amazon? For instance, free manga, but only the first few volumes of a series
    and if I searched a
    Similarly, there are usually a few light novels for free and there are aozora (sort of gutenberg for japan) books too.

    • That’s great to point out. I have used it before but a lot of readers might not know how much free content Amazon Kindle offers in terms of full volumes of manga. I’ve seen it as much as 5 or 6 full volumes from one manga free.

      The only thing to watch out for is the free content usually rotates and there are different offers weekly. It’s a great way to get addicted to manga series :)

      Thanks for mentioning this Samantha!

  3. I have this strange issue where I feel like I’m not getting the “official” experience if reading on this site vs the “official” light novel. It’s such a strange issue to have; who cares if things were changed? It’s gonna help my japanese just as much, and thats the point haha!

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