Can you Learn Japanese Solely for a Job and More Money? — 6 Comments

  1. Not totally the article I expected but a good one nonetheless. I remember looking at some facinating jobs a while back, but they required you to learn German on the job. Sounded cool, and I do want to learn at least a little German, but I just couldn’t imagine myself going too far. Doing something just for work can be frustrating, and would be almost unbearable if you ended up not liking your work.

    On the other hand, with Japanese I’ve gone from “I just want to read manga” to “wait…. maybe Japanese can make me money??”. I’m still figuring out how to get to that level, mainly speaking, but otherwise it is an really cool and interesting new goal. Still won’t stop me from learning useless sci-fi and fighting vocab though :)

    • It’s completely natural and fine to start Japanese out of passion, and then turn it into your career and a way to make money. Trying to do it without the first half of this is where the problem arises.

      Hey, you never know where sci-fi and fighting vocabulary may turn out useful in your future career :)

  2. And if you think you want to work for a Japanese company to make money、頑張ってね!
    One of my Anki sentences is “彼は過労で倒れた.”
    ”過労”is what will be your life working for a Japanese company と思います。Making money without 過労 is better in my opinion.

    • While there are Japanese companies that work people a little bit too hard, there are also good ones out there. Also, you can often use your Japanese at non-Japanese companies in your home country (or in Japan), and this can change the work situation entirely.

  3. Yeah, I went to a Career Vision Conferance yesterday. And hearing “You /propably/ won’t be able to keep your work visa unless you pass N2 in the next year” makes me want to give up and go back to the US.

    I can understand Ghibli with the subtitles, but my listening comprehension isn’t enough. Lets add Ghibli subs2srs with the Jalup situations note type!
    I have 6969 notes known in Anki over 3 years, one year until I can say “Over 9000!” at this rate. Was how I felt about about studying before this conferance.

    Reminds me of a story where a teacher said “Every student who gets 90% gets candy” and the students all did worse.

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