Top 85 J-Dramas Of All Time: #61-70 — 3 Comments

  1. Awesome list of dramas!
    I wish I started watching the dramas in raw straight away rather than watching them with subs. I saw most of the ones recommended by Khatz which were awesome but I wonder whether I would have enjoyed them at such a low level that I was when I saw them :/
    Atm I started going through the level 1 dramas and its very rewarding being able to watch it in Japanese and understand some of what is being said and get the rest from context.
    Thanks so much for this guide! can’t wait for the next installment

    • My first drama is the only one I ever watched with subs and I have to say I’ve enjoyed all the dramas I watched greatly without very much understanding of what’s actually being said. I keep my goal to understanding the story more than the dialogue at my low level, which requires some but not nhuge comprehension. The only drama I couldn’t watch like this so far was Hanazawa Naoki… I didn’t understand most of what they were saying and I certainly didn’t understand what was going on. I guess somehow, though I dealt with military language in Soratobu Kouhoushitsu, I couldn’t deal with bank-speak… maybe cos bank speak is sort of dull.

  2. It is seldom to read about so many doramas I watched myself too, from anyone else. Keep up advertising, because I feel jdramas are probably the most underrated and misunderstood TV programs that are actually great :)

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