Shattering your Barriers – How I Learned 1000 Cards in 6 days — 5 Comments

  1. Really great article. I’m probably not going to push myself as crazy hard, but I am going to try some of these methods out and see where I get :)

    The idea of previewing the material before seeing the cards in Anki, and then isolating and targeting difficult material sounds like it will work really well with the way my brain seems to learn.

  2. Agreed it is a great article. Really in depth and good to hear from a fellow learner. A few things really resonated with me.

    First enjoying the dopamine spikes. Even doing ten cards a ten, I love doing my reviews and then doing a Terrace House episode and it suddenly has a word I just learned. What a great feeling. Finding ways to really relish the small things helps avoid the feeling of a plateau I think.

    I also like how you lay out the three phases of rest. Sometimes I feel guilty when doing reviews, taking a small break to look at my phone. But I think as long as I set goals (I will check my phone after 30 more reviews) and limit breaks it is actually helpful in maintaining stamina.

    Unreal that you did so many cards so fast with such high retention. I don’t think I will do that anytime soon but very impressive to see that it is possible. In general it motivates me to make faster progress.

  3. First, I want to say thank you for sharing your story. It seems you made great progress. I would love to hear more information about your routine. Can you explain what your day was like during these sprints? Also, what was the aftermath like as well? When you finished one of these sprints I’m assuming you didn’t add new cards for a while right? As well as your reviews must have been through the roof even after the sprint was over right? How did your routine change after a sprint? I have always thought it would be cool to do something like this. I work full time and sometimes my schedule will change leaving me with nothing but free time. I think it would be great if do something like this during those down times. I want to tailor them to me and my habits, so I would love to know what your routine looks like before and after the sprints. Thanks again man great article!

  4. Absolutely wonderful article! I really like the idea of “learning” the material before reviewing. I can’t wait for previewing to be added to the Jalup Android app now!

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