5 Ways Japan Makes Evil Dead’s Bruce Campbell Even Cooler — 6 Comments

  1. Bruce Campell is badass and a legend. The trailer was surprisingly scary I thought with that narration. Now I want to watch the Japanese dub as well!

    • And I’m extremely interested how they dub the corny 80s dialog. Hopefully into just as corny 80s Japanese dialog.

  2. As an Evil Dead / Army of Darkness fan, I love this article!

    Now I have to wonder how they translated some legendary quotes like “Hail to the king, baby!”

    • I was searching for an answer, and came across this

      This article covers phrases from the Duke Nukem series, which took phrases from Evil Dead. Though the movies may have done them completely different, and this also may just be this one guy’s interpretation. 2 for reference below.


      cool と似た表現だが、より大人の言葉(ガキは使わない)。意味も同じで「しびれるほどすてき」という感じである。

      参考:この台詞は、ホラー映画「死霊のはらわた2(EVIL DEAD 2)」がオリジナルである。主人公 Ash(アッシュ)が、死霊に乗っ取られたためにみずから切り落とした右手首にチェーンソーを取り付け、片手でも扱えるように銃身を短く切り落としたライフルを指で回し背中に収めてポーズを決め、恍惚感を浮かべたような表情で言う。日本語字幕では「行くぜ」だった。

      Hail to the king, baby
      hail は「大声で呼ぶ」の意味。「王様、バンザ〜イ!」と叫びたいほどの感激を表わした台詞である。「公爵」の意味の DUKE を名に持つデュークにとっては叫ぶより叫ばれるほうなのだが。

      • Ah, awesome, thanks for the reply. Yeah, Duke Nukem (3d) stole a lot of phrases from Evil Dead. I used to play Duke 3d a lot back in the days (before I knew what Evil Dead was).

        Also, another legendary phrase – “It’s time to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and I’m all outta gum” – was taken from the cult movie “They Live” (and slightly modified grammatically).

        As for, “Hail to the King, Baby”: I’m no more than an intermediate learner in Japanese, but that translation looks pretty… liberal, to say the least?

        • Very liberal translation. Especially when it really doesn’t even make much sense in English in the context when you think about it.

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