How to Become Fluent in Japanese in Just 1 Year — 8 Comments

  1. Got eeeeeeem!

    I could see you possibly achieving this if you;

    A. Live in Japan and don’t have to pay bills
    B. Studied grammar, kanji, reading/writing practice every day for 5 hours
    C. Had a language tutor and hung out with friends who could help you learn to speak correctly
    and D. Watched a ton of anime ;)

    You can do it guys!

    But seriously, 1 year would be nearly impossible to achieve lol

  2. Haha. I knew from the title this had to be a joke article. In all seriousness though, someone with a lot of time on their hands and a huge amount of dedication could achieve a lot in one year.

    The only true way to become near fluent in one year is to be a Korean native speaker.

    • Being a Korean native speaker, while helpful with similar structure, isn’t a free pass though. I have Korean friends who struggled just as much as anyone else learning the language.

  3. It all depends on what you mean by fluent. Babble a bunch of nouns and verbs together in an ungrammatical mish mash…. that’s fluent, it’s just not Japanese.

  4. Actually, as fluency is defined arbitrarily you can become fluent in any language in less than a year, and the best part is you don’t even have to work harder, just set the bar lower!
    As ridiculous as it sounds, this is the philosophy behind some quack language learning guides I came across, they just don’t say it as directly.

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