So you Failed the JLPT by 1 Point — 3 Comments

  1. I initially took the JLPT 1 and failed by 3 points, then took the JLPT 2 and passed by 3 points. I don’t know why the margin was so weird between the two, but I guess if I were to take the JLPT 1 again with my present skills, I’d pass with at least one point. I’m hoping. Haha. I don’t think the skills of the people who pass or fail by one or two points are any different. I hate looking at scores for this reason: If I pass, I pass. If I fail, I do it again until I succeed. It’s just a benchmark, after-all.

  2. I can get behind the challenger mindset. It’s the main reason why I decided to target the JLPT N2 this December. A brief look at the material between N3 and N2 was the deciding factor. With N3, I could see myself passing with a good margin, but with N2, my fate was up in the air. Luckily, I did manage to pass, albeit barely!

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