So you Failed the JLPT by 1 Point — 6 Comments

  1. I initially took the JLPT 1 and failed by 3 points, then took the JLPT 2 and passed by 3 points. I don’t know why the margin was so weird between the two, but I guess if I were to take the JLPT 1 again with my present skills, I’d pass with at least one point. I’m hoping. Haha. I don’t think the skills of the people who pass or fail by one or two points are any different. I hate looking at scores for this reason: If I pass, I pass. If I fail, I do it again until I succeed. It’s just a benchmark, after-all.

  2. I can get behind the challenger mindset. It’s the main reason why I decided to target the JLPT N2 this December. A brief look at the material between N3 and N2 was the deciding factor. With N3, I could see myself passing with a good margin, but with N2, my fate was up in the air. Luckily, I did manage to pass, albeit barely!

  3. I remember in school my calculus teacher said if you pass calculus on your first try, then you are a smart person. If you pass it on your second try, you are still a smart person. If you pass it on your third try, then you are still a smart person. Because calculus is tough and even if it takes you awhile to understand it, you are still understanding a very difficult subject and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

    I see learning a new language like that. We are talking about years of studying here to reach your goal and it is something people fail at all the time. Heck just taking the test is an achievement. How many people try to learn Japanese and never get to the point where they can string together more than a couple of sentences? It would definitely suck to fail like that, but it is also an accomplishment in itself.

    • Sounds like a very good calculus teacher!

      Taking it a step further, even just attempting Japanese is already a step up from most people who want to but don’t even try.

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