Falling In and Out of Love for Japanese Things — 4 Comments

  1. After reading your experience about Japan and Japanese, mine flashed back. 9 years ago, I started learning Japanese solely for understanding anime which subtitles were not easily available those days. Then, I started listening to Japanese music and fell in love with it. I just sang along the songs without even knowing the meaning of the words! A year later, I became interested and obssessed with everything about Japan, food, culture, famous places,etc. I wanted to visit Japan so much. After several years, I was able to visit Japan. Now, I feel that I want to live and work in Japan for a certain amount of time if I have the chance. But, my major is not Japanese, so I have to choose a different path. Also, I sometimes feel that I want to stay away from Japan and related things for some time, because I got too close to them. But, I always get back to listening to Japanese songs and watching Jdramas. :)

    • Thanks for sharing your somewhat similar experience.

      One thing to add: Just because your major isn’t Japanese, doesn’t mean you can’t live and work in Japan. So don’t let that stop you if that’s what you want!

      • Honestly, getting a major in a language probably isn’t great – career wise. Learn Japanese through self-study and major in something that’s both in demand and enjoyable for you. You don’t need to pay $40k or more to learn Japanese.

  2. I got started with Visual Kei!! I gradually stopped being so obsessive with it, and that caused me to think I didn’t like Japan as much anymore. I also stopped watching so much anime, and I never did read manga much. But I didn’t notice how my “love” was changing in other ways–I watch Japanese YouTube channels all the time, and I love listening to Japanese podcasts. And I hope to read more novels and non-fiction. My interests as a person changed, and I just had to figure out how to move the language along with it.

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