How to Watch Variety Shows when you Hate Gourmet Reports — 2 Comments

  1. I think one thing that people don’t realize about these reports is that they are actually extremely useful information. For the most part the places that get featured are absolutely worth visiting and eating at. Thus complaining about it is kind of like watching an action movie and then complaining how many things keep getting destroyed. Enjoying food is a huge part of the culture and on average Japanese people spend twice as much time as Americans do when eating.

    One of the best parts about living in Japan is having access to tons of amazing food and excellent dining experiences no matter where you go. Even though it might be boring to watch it on TV I definitely think having your own gourmet experiences while in Japan should be a large part of any trip here.

    • Even the restaurants the entertainers “randomly” come across on a local travel trip are often planned out so they pick the good ones.

      You make some great points :)

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